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    Selling a Domain Name - First Time

    I was contacted today by someone who wants to purchase an undeveloped domain that I own. He wants to know how much I would sell it for. I have never sold a domain before, so I have no idea how to properly value it. The domain he wants is a 7-letter .INFO domain. It begins with the word "Ask" and then has a four-letter name following it.

    http://Ask_ _ _ _ .info

    He claims he is not associated with a corporation. He wrote: "I am an individual and want it primarily for my own amusement." How should I value this domain? Everything I've read on negotiating says to "let the other person name the starting price." I suppose I should ask him to make me an offer?

    What would you suggest? Is $200-300 reasonable, or should I ask him to make me an offer (and negotiate from there)? How much do 7-letter .INFO's typically sell for?

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    Sorry but domain appraisals are not allowed. Also, we can't discuss pricing.


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