I've go round and round searching forums and read a dozen breifs and one thing I can't understand:

If contest holder (CH) have an idea of how should logo, site, stationary... etc... look, why don't he/she find someone who'll make it for him (use this and that). If fact, he/she is not interested in new ideas, I don't understand that.

I don't know how to cook a delphine or hold in hands 5 washing machines, so I'll ask someone who's job is that, and he'll tell me is it a right way or not.

Most of these designers are finished a schools for it and I don't understand how CH can be judging graphicism, use of color, use of font etc.... like comments "hm... this logo looks simple....". Logo needs to be simple so it can be readable and on and on.

That's what I have to say about CH, that's my comments.
Sorry for bad English.