i had posted this in the "General Development Issues" area but I am not getting any replies and I am in a bit of a crunch so I hope this is OK to post here where it may be more appropriate since I think this may require javascript. So here goes...

I have a form that has one field that will need to be filled out differantly depending on whether or not the person gets paid Weekly/Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Semi-Monthly.

The conditions are if the person gets paid:
  1. Weekly/Bi-weekly then he will need to enter a Day of the week from a pull down (ie. Monday, Tuesday...etc.)
  2. Monthly then he will choose from a pull down menu the day of the month (ie. 1,2,3,4,5...etc.)
  3. Semi-Monthly then he will choose from two seperate pull downs, one for the 1st payday and the second for the 2nd payday. Again in the format of 1,2,3,4,5...etc
Attached is a screen shot of the application that takes this information, we are pretty much duplicating the form for online use as well.

How can I set this up? I am not a javascript programmer but I can get some help if need be.