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    Scrolling Div Problem


    I have the following code that scrolls text contained inside a div, but when I change the text to two images, the div only scrolls to the end of the first image, and doesn't display the second. Why is this?

      WIDTH: 71px;
      HEIGHT: 51px;
      MARGIN-LEFT: 12px;
      MARGIN-BOTTOM: 12px;
      BORDER: 2px solid RGB(255, 255, 255);
      POSITION: relative;
      WIDTH: 71px;
      HEIGHT: 51px;
      OVERFLOW: hidden;
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    // Scroll code
    var timeoutID; // global variable to hold the timer
    function scrollDiv(inc,dir) { /* inc(rement) is positive or negative, direction is v(ertical) or h(orizontal) */
      if (timeoutID) clearTimeout(timeoutID); // make sure we do not start another timer
      var theDiv=document.getElementById('clippedDiv'); // get the hardcoded div
      if (theDiv) { // does it exist?
        if (dir == "v") theDiv.scrollTop+=inc; /* if vertical scroll increment the scrollTop to move down or up */
        else theDiv.scrollLeft+=inc; // else increment scrollLeft to move right or left
        timeoutID = setTimeout("scrollDiv(" + inc + ",'" + dir + "')", 20); // do it again in 20 miliseconds
    function stopScroll() { //
      if (timeoutID) clearTimeout(timeoutID); // if we have a timerID clear it
    <div id="clippedDiv"><img class="Pictures" src="Images/1.bmp"><img class="Pictures"src="Images/2.bmp"></div>
    <img "../../images/nav/tri-lft.gif" width="12" height="12" alt="" border="0" onmouseover="scrollDiv(-4, 'h');" onmouseout="stopScroll();">
    <img "../../images/nav/tri-rt.gif" width="12" height="12" alt="" border="0" onmouseover="scrollDiv(4, 'h');" onmouseout="stopScroll();">
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