Due to the many complaints about the lack of Internet Explorer support, I have recoded http://what-is-what.com. Most of the CSS code is from the excellent website PostitionIsEverything. However, I have taken great pains to meet these four goals with the new code, in this order of importance:
1) XHTML Strict Doctype
2) Content as high up in the code as possible
3) Internet Explorer support.
4) Design as similar as possible to the original

I would appreciate all comments regarding the layout, and display issues if anybody encounters them. Screenshots of different platforms would be nice. I have tested in Firefox 2.x, Opera 8.x and 9.x, Konquerer 3.5.x, Lynx, IE6, and IE7. All tests were performed on Ubuntu Linux, with IE running in virtual machines in VMWare.

Please, be harsh. Tell me about problems that you encounter, and things that could be made better. Note that I retain the IE-warning text to user agents that parse as IE. This is because I have spent over 9 hours making the site display in IE, after less than 2 hours' work coding for standards-compliant browsers such as Firefox and Opera. There is a good chance that the next update will not get that attention.

Note: As this is a rather subjective field, I have posted to several forums. While for some topics this would be considered cross-posting, I believe that in cases of opinion one should opt for as wide an opinion base as possible. Thus, the cross-post. Please do not be offended. Thanks in advance.