Hello, im curently designing a web site and i what it to be in two languages, i have seen some sites that have made a script at the begining of the site that redirect you to the language you what.
I what to do this for my web site, heres how it think iu sould do it, i need to do two web sites, the same but with the content diferent.
If i do two diferent sites it will not be a dynamic web site and i will need to put the site in two difernt places. i don't know if it's posible to have a site and to have the content in difernt languages.
I so some sites that chage using a php, or java script, i have searched but i dindn't find anything. eg. of a url on a site www.mypage.com/index.php=?EN
If any one can give me tips on how i need to do a autoamtic language changer, with out make the intaier site all over again.
I know i only need to translate.. but i what it to change in a dynamical way.

Hope, you can help me...