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    As the producer of E-Commerce 2001(tm) I am interested in some general feedback from those of you who attend internet trade shows, conferences, seminars, expositions, etc. [Matt Mickiewicz is a featured presenter at the above event held on the Big Island of Hawaii on March 8-10th, 2001.]

    What has been your general satisfaction level with the events you have attended? Are the educational components really educational or just corporate hype cloaked in seminar clothing? Did you get fair value for your fees? What features of the events did you like the most?...dislike the most? What features would you like to see at the next event you attend?

    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thom Reece

    E-Commerce 2001(tm)Conference. March 8-10th, 2001, Big Island of Hawaii.

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    I haven't been to any...but I still think I may offer a few suggestions.

    Read near the end of that, if you haven't already. Too many tradeshows such as ComDex don't let anyone under 18 in. It is probably partly because they don't have thousands and thousands to spend. But I'll list a few reasons why letting people under 18 in is important.
    --They may tell their parents, who may buy
    --They will remember the exhibitor (in the same way big tobacco is being slammed for marketing to teens)
    --Most teens have money to spend in the triple-digits, and about 1/4 in the quadruple-digits.
    --Contrary to public belief, they don't bring in baseball bats and destroy the show

    So keep in mind those points when you decide whether or not to let minors in. It is however just fine to kick individual people out of the show, just as you would do with an adult acting in the same manner.

    Have you decided whether or not to let people under 18 in? If so, thank you for being the good exception.

    P.S. Have you heard of B2BWorks?


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