Now I'm not going to pretend to know all and see all when it comes to internet marketing, I learn everyday, but at the same time it kills me to see the generic advice given 98% of the time on Site Point and all the other forums.

There are some truly brilliant business people on here, the sad part is they almost never post, but when they do, they are actually in the mood to help a fellow entrepreneur.

It is so obvious that people just want to pretend they know what they are talking about. Why do so many people feel the need to post things like "you need to write articles" "you need to SEO your site" "you need to build a list". And worse than that, 30 people after them will type "yeah" "yes" "i agree", and how does this help someone? If it was your first day starting your business would that advice help you? You can find that anywhere, this is a place where real successful people can give back and share some insider advice.

I got in this game 10 years ago and it was only thanks to my own hard work that I'm a seven figure earner today, there was no other option. Today we have Site Point, DP, the warrior forum and others where people could really help each other if they wanted to.

I'm not trying to be rude to some of the people that post, but either they have no business posting because they have no idea how to make money themselves, or they just don't care and have nothing better to do than give generic answers. If you're afraid to give away good step by step advice in fear of competition, that's fine, but then you shouldn't be posting just to post.

If anyone has an actual IM question feel free to PM me anytime and if I can help, I'll be gald to give you a real answer, if not, I can promise I won't write a useless response just to feel like I'm a source of information. I hope others will do the same and really start sharing some knowledge with eachother.