Hi all,

I'm working on a local community site to have local information, events, points of interest, some classifieds. I intend to sell ad space to local businesses, utilize banners, contests, coupons, etc.

Just thought of an idea for my initial public launch to drive traffic to my site and thought I would ask here for comments, suggestions, "been there, done that stories."

I run an ad in local classifieds, radio, flyers, whatever with "$5 just for visiting our new local site, log on for details!!"

Then I run a banner or button to a page that tells how visitors can collect $5 for signing up with PAYPAL.

I will have to watch the wording to avoid legal issues...fraud, etc. But the intend sounds good and marketable to me. However, I know little about marketing.

ANY comments would be appreciated!
I have contacted Paypal for a decision on their side of the idea.

Thanks John