I consider myself a newbie when it comes to creating web sites (Im developing my 1st non-personal website).

Anyway, we're fairly close to release (could be a matter of either days or up to 3 weeks) and I'd like to start talking to other webmasters - with similar sites - about exchanging links. That way, once I release everything will be setup and I can focus my energy mainly on developing new content.

I want to know a few things:

Is this WAY too early to be doing this type of thing?

What's the best way to approach someone?

Even if the site I want to exchange links with is 'friendly' (im assuming Clean humour sites are run by at least semi-friendly people) would it be possible for me to get a link from them if they're already getting a good amount of traffic?

That's it really for now, I apprecaite any advice you guys can give me

thanks a lot.