I have the following script that I picked up which loads the days of the week into a drop down list. Depending on the day picked, it shows times. Script is as follows:

function getElementsByClass(searchClass,node,tag) {
    var classElements = new Array();
    if (node == null) node = document;
    if (tag == null) tag = '*';
    var els = node.getElementsByTagName(tag);
    var elsLen = els.length;
    var pattern = new RegExp("(^|\\s)"+searchClass+"(\\s|$)");
    for (i = 0, j = 0; i < elsLen; i++) {
        if ( pattern.test(els[i].className) ) {
            classElements[j] = els[i];
    return classElements;

var hsInputs;

function resetInputs() {
    for (x in hsInputs) {
        hsInputs[x].style.display = "none";

function setHsInputs() {
    hsInputs = getElementsByClass("hsInput");

function hsOptions(input) {
    if (input.value) {
        hsInputs[input.selectedIndex-1].style.display = "block";
It shows/hides content based off a class name of "timeInput" as shown below:

<p class="timeInput">Monday Timesbr/>
<input type="radio" name="times" value="9am">
9am<br />

What I was wondering, is there a way to modify this script so that I can show/hide a table row based off just one value from the drop down list?

Test file is at: http://midwestwebdesign.net/test.html

Any suggestions would be appreciated.