What I want? Suggestions...
My Goal? To increase traffic to my site at no or almost no cost...

I am out of ideas. My site really doesn't get the amount of traffic it could be getting and I want to raise this.

What I've done...
* Goto.com listings, about 100
* Run a weekly ezine which pulls visitors back to my site yet provides content making the ezine worth reading
* Trade links (3 trades with my site, and I trade links in my newsletter but not many)
* Post in forums like this one, SitePoint forums have lead 300 visits to my site since April.. pretty good but what is 300, really? I don't sell products so it doesn't help an advertising-supported site.
* Included a signature in every email I send
* Made a site which is updated often to attract return-visitors
* Listed in major search engines, Yahoo! still attempting
* Tried classified and freebie sites
* Avoided FFAs
* Entered contest and won impressions on other sites

SO, what can I do NOW to increase my traffic? All I can think of is to write articles but that isn't really working.

And my advertising company just dropped my account without any real explanation ("we've elected to drop your account") so I'm trying to find some revenue stream. I've applied to several Commission Junction merchants/affiliate programs today that pay per click and I'm waiting for them to review my site. If they don't approve me it's back to searching for advertisers.

Right now I get about 250 visits a day (visits not pageviews/hits i know the difference). This is extremely low, I've put a lot of work into my site and I wanted some return on it. Advertising.com was sending me a good $40/mo before they suddenly dropped my account...

Suggestions welcome, please!

Dan Grossman