I'm using this little mail script with Captcha:


The author doesn't respond to emails, so I figured this place would be the next best place to ask

Here's a link to where I'm trying the script on the form at the bottom:


The Captcha part works fine; enter wrong 4-digit numeric code, and form is redisplayed while all inputs remain filled.

Well, ALMOST. Notice if you enter multiple paragraphs/lines separated by Enter into the textarea that then when script sends you back to correct the code, the textarea now gets filled back with only the very first line in the textarea input. All other lines/paragraphs previously entered into the textarea get lost somehow.

If I enter the Captcha code correctly, form gets mailed just fine, with all lines/paragraphs arriving to email perfectly formatted and everything. I only lose all additional lines in textarea input when script redisplays and refills the form to fix the captcha code.

What do I need to change in the script to make it keep all entered textarea paragraphs when it's redisplaying the form? I figure it's something really simple that I'm obviously missing and any of you experienced PHPers will spot it quickly...

Another annoying thing with this is that when the script sends you back to correct the Captcha, you start at the top of the page and have to scroll down again to the form. Not sure how to remedy this either.

Thank you for all your thoughts and help.