Hi there guys.

Please be advised the the rant below is not against you . .. but merely my feelings about the situation. I love SP and love the contests section but I feel this does need some improving.


Okay when I look at a contest I try to enter I'm pretty happy. I take my time: I read the briefing and see what direction other members have taken so I don't copy them.

I than take some time to brainstorm a unique idea or take an idea they have offered and stretch so that it's unique.

After that I spend time creating, editing and perfecting a design.

This whole thing could take 1 hour, it could take 2 hours.

What really ticks me off is that after spending all this time designing and trying to appease the CH, he/she doesn't even bother to leave feedback.

And it's not only me but other entrants as well.

I don't understand why some CHs are allowed to give feedback to only certain people who may well have done a good job.

But if I have put in my time to try an enter a contest I think that the CH should at least acknowledge that I have created sometning for them and offer some feedback.

Doesn't have to be long. Something like this is just fine:

Skinny1 I love your style. Perhaps you could focus more on such and such. . . or include such and such .... or change the color scheme etc.

This helps a designer to understand what the CH does and doesn't like about an entry.

That way the designer can then understand further what the CH wants (we can't read minds ).

I think that if SP put forth some sort of mechanism by which CHs were forced to comment on each entry or else the contest gets suspended until such is done (within a reasonable time of course).

t would really be a win win situation. Designers would design logos that were like the CH wanted and the CH would get better looking designs.


Anyway, think about it .