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    PHP SESSION not populating in IE (works on other machine)


    I have this problem. I am running IIS 6.0/Windows 2003/MSSQL. The anonymous access is off and IIS takes the user authentication data from Active Directory.

    it then populates some server variables (only in IIS, as i found) like AUTH_USER which has the username with which user was logged in through Active Directory.

    I created this small application in PHP and it worked on my machine (in both Firefox and IE 6.0)

    But, when i tested it on a different machine, it din't populate the $_SESSION array. I can the variables (and values) when i use phpinfo()

    both IE's (mine and that machine) has the EXACT same build.

    Can you please suggest what can i do to solve this problem?

    Just to be clear, the faulty browser doesn't populate $_SESSION at all. nothing is there.

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    Check the security settings in IE, if the level is set to highest ( accept no cookies ). Then session variables will not work.
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