I'm using Jack's Formmail.php to process simple forms and the hidden input that is supposed to redirect the user to another page after submission is not working. Instead the php script checks for that and if redirect isn't set up or doesn't work it sends user to a blank page with a simple message at the top. Here's that part of the script:

// if the redirect option is set: redirect them
if ($redirect) {
header("Location: $redirect");
} else {
echo "Thank you for your submission\n";
echo "<br><br>\n";
echo "<small>This form is powered by <a href=\"http://www.dtheatre.com/scripts/\">Jack's Formmail.php ".VERSION."!</a></small>\n\n";

So I always get sent to the page with "Thank you for your submission." at the top.

My question is: since redirect isn't working in the html forms, and I really want to take the user to a particular page in the site, can I just change this script to send the user to a page of my choice? Is there a way to make the script send the user to a particular page?

Any help greatly appreciated.