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    Requesting a challenge

    Hi all,

    I'd like to request a challenge from as many posters as possible, just for fun. This weekend, I'm going to set aside 20-25 hours to push myself into the deeper depths of PHP, and I'd really appreciate it if some of you guys could throw some ideas for mini-projects at me, so I can keep my projects unbiased. If I think of them myself, they'll almost undoubtedly be related to something I'm already familiar with.

    I realise it's a strange request, so even if you just offer one sentence (i.e. "create a _____ that does _____ with _______" etc., I'd really appreciate it as it will give me a chance to really push myself out of my PHP comfort zone and make some good progress.

    Don't hold back on complexity!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Create an online auction such as ebay;
    feature list should contain
    -Paypal / Credit Card Transactions
    -Comments on items
    -private messages
    -review of customer/seller
    -suggested pricing based off similar items
    -write a spider to search other auction sites for pricing information as well


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