I am looking to cobrand with good websites. By good, I mean, sites that don't look stupid and have good content that people tend to like more often than not. I would prefer it if you have your own domain name, but I'm not too picky.

What I would like to do is exchange links or buttons or something, whatever is decided upon with a website, in order to create a larger viewerbase on each of our websites. My site jigga.com is set to launch June 10th and I would like to make this site as massive as possible. I already have $750,000 worth of advertising paid for which will run over the next 6 months along with my own personal advertising.

If you are interested, please email me at december7th99@aol.com and we will discuss what we are each willing to do for each other as part of the cobranding. I have done this program before with my websites and I have found it to be the very best form of promotion that's free. Just let me know.

Net Foundry Web Technologies http://www.jigga.com