Hi all,

I'm looking for some info on how to create, drag & drop and resize boxes (divs?) with javascript. To shed some light on what I'm trying to achieve I can give you a screenshot of an app I'm trying to simulate:

To begin with I'd like to be able to create, resize and move a box (like the blue background in the screenshot) using a mouseclick.

I'm not going to clone dbDesigner but the interaction will be similar. How ever I'm going to use HTML/XUL, CSS and Javascript to achieve this. I know it's possible because mindmeister.com has some similarities (it's an online mindmapping tool using AJAX).

I've been looking at the canvas tag but that seems to be used more for graphics. Mindmeister uses a lot of DIVS and as I'm going to draw boxes I think that's the way to go.

I'm not looking for a library to do this for me, but a simple and well documented one would of course help me learn.

Has anyone an idea how to do this?