I am looking to start an entertainment network with my newest site jigga.com and one of my other sites freestorycenter.com, as well as another new project for movie scripts.

Within this network, I would like to have maybe 8 total sites all linking together in this network. Everyone would be required to list all members on their mainpage or some form of a page where most of the visitors go to. It also has to be in somewhat clear view, visitors shouldn't have to scroll everywhere to find it.

This network would increase traffic over the entire network by introducing a new market to every site that normally wouldn't be able to visit other member sites. It will also add to the content we already have on our sites.

I'd like to also make the network fairly friendly so that we can be efficient and work in a manner as to make our sites as traffic heavy as possible.

My site jigga.com is slated for $750,000 worth of advertising over the next 6 months and launches June 10th, so all sites in the network would benefit, as they would with other promotions done on sites within the network.

Let me know if any of you are interested. The site only has to do with some form of entertainment. That's pretty easy to accomplish, so I know a lot of your sites qualify.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Richard Ramsey
Net Foundry Web Technologies Inc. http://www.jigga.com