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    Slide-in/Slide-out intro on home page using flash

    I've seen websites that had large flash ads that covered content on pages that, after they had run, resized or disappeared.

    We would like to use the technology behind that (presumably JavaScript) to show and hide an intro flash on a home page. We would like to have a "close" link on the flash also.

    I have searched Google and here but haven't found any good resources and many of the sites I have seen using the technology are no longer using them. I just need a little assistance on the JavaScript part of the puzzle.

    We want the flash to start over the copy on the page and then roll out softly when it's done playing, revealing the content below.

    Does anyone have a clue how to accomplish this?

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    Using some sort of framework (extjs, script.acul.ous) to provide the slide in/out effect, and then its down to javascript/actionscript.

    Once your slide in effect has completed, you can run Play() on the flash object. On your last frame in the Flash movie, use getURL('javascript:method();'); Assuming you have a function called method, you'd put some code in there to slide out the movie.

    Edit: Its best to put on the first frame put Stop(); This way it won't play until the above Play() is called.

    hope this helps?!


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