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    i would like to build a website like targetted solely for my home country (not an english speaking contry). thus, i would be in an untapped market . here are a few Qs.

    1.the engine (script)
    i've seen a script that could do a similar thing at cgi-resources a couple of months ago when i first got the idea. now, when i have the budget to buy it, i could'nt seem to find it. has anybody came across such script anywhere? shall i start?
    do i look for advertisers who wants their banner to be displayed first, or webmasters who wants to earn money for displaying banners?

    is there a sample letter to advertisers/webmasters on the net that shows me how could i approach them?

    what are the pitfalls that u guys see in creating such service? advice & experience are highly appreciated.

    FYI: currently i have a website which generates about 50,000 impressions permonth. not much, i know. but this site is targeted for my home country only, and for a 1 month old site, thats not bad (i assure u ). this site is for local webmasters... so, i already have a base for marketing to them. how can i expand my original idea?

    thanks in advance...

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    My answers/opinions...

    1. (the engine)
    Anyone with $500USD can buy a script and put up a perty webpage. That's not how you want to be labeled (most likely). Make it in-house and you'll be thought of as a reliable website, not a fly-by-night operation.

    2. (how to start)
    Start by getting a well designed page up and tell people when you're going to launch. Include a form for people to sign up, and then once you've got a sufficient user base, launch and tell the people who signed up that yer site is up and running.

    3 (practical)
    Maybe like "Dear [name], you signed up at our Website, [website], [number] days ago. If you'd like to see the benefits and features we offer, visit [url]" and go on a bit.

    4. (pitfalls)
    The major pitfalls are finding people to participate, webmasters AND advertisers


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