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    Where to get technical support for your book

    This forum is for you to post general questions and discussion about our books, such as questions about when a book will be published or whether a certain book covers a topic or technique that you're interested in. Please note that we won't necessarily provide any book technical support in this forum.

    If you think you've found a problem or technical error with one of our books, please first check the "Corrections & Typos" section of the book in question to make sure it hasn't been reported previously. You can find this by going to the book's sales page (for example and looking in the navigation on the left-hand side of the page. If the error is not listed on that page, please contact SitePoint Sales Support with details of the error. Our customer service staff responds to these messages within 1 working day, and in the case of technical questions will forward the question to the technical editor of the book. The technical editor will then get back to you and update the Errata page for the book, if necessary.

    If the code in the book is working perfectly, and there is only a problem when you try to integrate it with your own code, then the problem is related to your code, which neither SitePoint nor the author of the book can be expected to provide technical support for. For those kinds of questions, the best place to ask your question is in the appropriate forum here at SitePoint - there are many helpful members who will be more than happy to give you a hand.
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