Well our company has involved us in a learning project. We have purchased a Kiosk and are responsible for creating an application to work with this kiosk.

We are starting at square one. Trying to talk to the middleware/devices.

This kiosk came with a javascript reference to talk with the devices. We need some guidance and help of where to start. Some examples of the reference file.

function _CardAction( Action, MediaStatus );

Action : Number (a value in CardReaderCardAction)
Description of Action
MediaStatus : Number (a value in CardReaderMediaStatus)
Description of MediaStatus

function _CashInComplete( pNoteNumberList );

pNoteNumberList : CashAcceptorNoteNumberCollection
Description of pNoteNumberList

Could someone help us out and get us started in the right direction. We can create the application but do not know how to get the application to talk with the devices. Any help is appreciated.