I'm about to launch my new Active Server Page and a little touch of general Web development site, and I want it to be popular from the start.

Where do you guys think I should advertise it (mostly free would be better), where should I reciprocal link, and what other methods should I use and where? I've been thinking of asking 4GuysFromRolla.com to notify their visitors in some way or another--they seem pretty good about that and they know me a tiny bit.

Also, Aspin.com (think ASP's cgi-resources.com) posted a notice about the new Dallas ASP developer site; maybe they'd do the same for me.

When I launched my old site, it started out as a site with no content but one poorly-written article, now it has more than 1k page views per day but I feel that after a year it should be doing better. I don't want to make the same mistake with my new site (named Aspology) and just let people find it.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. It's supposed to be launched on July 1.

Who the heck is Gen. Failure and why does he want to read my hard drive?
Soon to come: Aspology.com

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