Hello everyone there,

I am really tired now with a problem. I am working for an news portal site but this is in unicode thing (nepalese unicode). I mean the news are entered as nepali unicode from the admin section and comes in the main pages. Before it was in the joomla and working fine. This time i have worked from scratch.

It was not seen such in my local system. But when i uploaded everything programmed pages to the live system (server), it is loading very slow for the first time. I don't know why. My client has given me the tension and from his side this is true to ask with me to solve the problem. Someone of my client's friend told him that this is because of programming.

And also someone told him about RDF programing should be used in the site. I am not sure about RDF and i have not worked yet with RDF programming before. I just searched in the internet, i could not come to understand it.

So please can anyone suggest me what might be the cause for it? And how to use RDF programming?

Thank you very much you all for the help in advance.

Raju Gautam