First, clarification... I am a newbie. When I say newbie, I have never programmed before in my life. I learned HTML last month and I am working on Ruby this month (I hadn't even heard of Ruby before that). I can't remember the last time I used a command prompt.

My problem (at least my current problem) arises in using Lenz's book on page 128, Creating Records. The command "S =" works fine and my results match those provided in the book. However, when I enter " = `My Shiny weblog'", my command prompt does nothing. It just sits there with the cursor blinking like no command has been entered. It also will not let me exit out or process any other command. Any thoughts or guidance?

As some background, I am using Windows Vista. My setup of InstantRails went okay, but I had some errors with the Gem installation. I used the version of Instant Rails suggested in the book.

I have also been having issues with MySQL but I seemed to have resolved them, at least temporarily. Using InstantRails, I still cannot get the MySQL to start in the InstantRails console as it is already running. I have tried to stop it through the Task Manager, but that seems to screw up my work in the Rails Command Prompt. This overall problem could have been caused by my initial setup of MySQL prior to the InstantRails setup process (at the urging of a programmer friend). Does anybody have any thoughts on how to reconcile this issue? It wouldn't surprise me if this was causing my problem above.

I apologize if this question has already been asked. I also apologize if my description is not the clearest. As I mentioned, I have never done any programming before. I guess I have to start somewhere.