I want the results of 2 dimension array in below table.
file_a_0 file_a_1 file_a_2 file_a_3 file_a_4 file_a_5 file_a_6 file_a_7 file_a_8 file_a_9
file_b_0 file_b_1 file_b_2 file_b_3 file_b_4 file_b_5 file_b_6 file_b_7 file_b_8 file_b_9
file_c_0 file_c_1 file_c_2 file_c_3 file_c_4 file_c_5 file_c_6 file_c_7 file_c_8 file_c_9
file_d_0 file_d_1 file_d_2 file_d_3 file_d_4 file_d_5 file_d_6 file_d_7 file_d_8 file_d_9
file_e_0 file_e_1 file_e_2 file_e_3 file_e_4 file_e_5 file_e_6 file_e_7 file_e_8 file_e_9
file_f_0 file_f_1 file_f_2 file_f_3 file_f_4 file_f_5 file_f_6 file_f_7 file_f_8 file_f_9

Below the cord is worked when it is one dimensional array, but it is changed into 2D dimensional array, it doesnít work. I try many times and still canít resolve it.

var fStep=0
var fPath
var Mslide = new Array("file_a_", "file_b_", "file_c_", "file_d_", "file_e_", "file_f_")
for (fPath=0, fPath<=Mslide.length, fPath++){
Mslide[fPath] = new Array(10);
if (fStep>=0 )
Mslide[fPath][fStep]=fPath + "00" + fStep + ".jpg"

return Mslide[fPath][fStep]
while ( fStep<Mslide[fPath].length )
Please help!