I'm working with a form where I have two things going on:

1). A radio button which toggles the visibility of a section. This works with a JS file with the following code:

Code JavaScript:
function offtutored(){
document.getElementById("hidetutored").style.display = 'none';
function ontutored() {
   document.getElementById("hidetutored").style.display = '';

Then in my code I supply my <tr> with "hidetutored" for the section to initially hide. This works fine when applying onclicks to the radio buttons.

2). Several checkboxes that when a particular one is clicked, shows another text field. This works with the following CSS & JS:


Code CSS:


Code JavaScript:
function toggle(chkbox, group) {
    var visSetting = (chkbox.checked) ? "visible" : "hidden"
    document.getElementById(group).style.visibility = visSetting

Then my checkbox:
Code HTML4Strict:
<input name="education[]" type="checkbox" id="education" value="AA" onClick="toggle(this, 'aa')">

With an appropriate div to surround my hidden content.

My question is this: In my case, when the extra fields show, they are required. The problem is that with JS disabled, these fields do not show. Thus the form will never work properly in this case and will not be allowed to submit. Does anyone see in my code where I can make these fields show when JS is disabled?

Thanks for any input,