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    SimpleTest advanced tests runner

    Folks, we have released TESTS_RUNNER-0.8.3 Limb3 package which aims to simplify running your SimpleTest based tests. This package has limb_unit utility which is an advanced SimpleTest tests runner.

    limb_unit is similar in some ways to phpunit utility(provided by PHPUnit library), yet more powerful we believe.

    The main features of limb_unit are:

    * Can run single tests as well as tests under specified directory recursively
    * Hierarchical tests fixtures
    * Conditional tests execution
    * Tests code coverage

    limb_unit is shipped with Limb3 TESTS_RUNNER package and can be installed via PEAR channel. Here's an example of quick installation:

    # pear channel-discover
    # pear install limb/tests_runner-beta
    Some quick usage examples for the impatient:

    $ limb_unit my_test.php #running all test cases defined in my_test.php
    $ limb_unit *_test.php #running all test cases contained in *_test.php files
    $ limb_unit tests #running recursively all tests from test directory
    $ find -name tests -type d | xargs -i limb_unit "{}" #running all tests from any directories called tests
    $ limb_unit -C src tests #run tests and show tests coverage for source code in src directory
    Actually limb_unit can do a lot more than that If you feel interested here's a more detailed documentation -
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