I have this contact form, and everything works, but there is also an select option, where you can pick one of the possibilitys.
This doesn't get mailed.

Can someone tell me how to do this? I've never used it before, so I have no idea.

This is how the code looks like:

PHP Code:
    // type
echo "\t\t<label>type:</label>";
"\t\t<select name=\"type\" class=\"inputDefault\">
    <option value=\"" 
$_POST['type'] . "\">first</option>
    <option value=\"" 
$_POST['type'] . "\">second</option>
    <option value=\"" 
$_POST['type'] . "\">third</option>

// pages
echo "\t\t<label>pages:</label>"
"\t\t<input type=\"text\" name=\"pages\" value=\"" $_POST['pages'] . "\" class=\"inputDefault\">\n"
Now the "pages part, gets is being sent when the form is submitted, but the "type" isn't.

This is where it gets mailed:

PHP Code:
    $inhoud_mail .= "type: "$_POST['type'] . "\n";
$inhoud_mail .= "pages: "$_POST['pages'] . "\n"

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?