Hello from Palo Alto, California.

Please, I'm stuck on something basic. I have a MySQL table with four records. Each record has two fields, gender and weight. Here's the data:

Mary: female, 150 pounds
Susan: female, 140 pounds
Jack: male, 140 pounds
Bob: male, 150 pounds

I want to code a web page that has two drop down menus -- one for gender, and one for weight -- and a "search" button. It produce a list of names that fit the entered criteria. For example, if "female" and "140" are entered, the result should be a one-name list of "Susan." The HTML part of the code would, I think, be something like the following, but I don't know what PHP code to wrap around it:

Find a
<select name="gender" size="1">
<option value> </option>
<option value="male">male</option>
<option value="female">female</option>
with a weight of
<select name="weight" size="1">
<option value> </option>
<option value="140">140</option>
<option value="150">150</option>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" value="Search"></FORM>

Please, any suggestions? Thank you!