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    calendar / attendance table query setup

    I have a table with a field for every day of the year. They're all integer fields. The table also includes a integer field to track the employee id. And then there is also a field to track year. I then have another table that has the attendance types, ie. late, absent, holiday, etc. This table has a primary key field id for each item and then a field to describe the record.
    The problem I am having is when I want to display a full year on a php page. I believe the SQL to reproduce it is just too big. Maybe someone has some suggestions. In order to display the descriptions for every day(for a full year) I have to do a left join on every day in the SQL. That's 366 left joins. The page times out before it even comes up, even though there are only a couple records in the database so far. Is there a better structure for the tables and SQL?

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    yes, there sure is a better structure

    instead of 366 columns, you want 366 rows

    the key to the table should be employee id and date, not employee id and year

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