I am trying to create a form where, if a user has a file selected - the upload text is bold and if the user removes the file by deleting the link in the FILE's text box - then the bold is removed.

HTML Code:
function toggleUpload(x) {
	if (x.value) { 
	} else {
		if (filetoupload < 0) filetoupload = 0;
	if (filetoupload) {
		document.getElementById('uploadbtn').style.fontWeight = 'bold';	
	} else {
		document.getElementById('uploadbtn').style.fontWeight = 'normal';	

<input type='file' name='file[]'  onfocus='toggleUpload(this)' onblur='toggleUpload(this)' />
The problem is that all the event handlers seem to only work on the "Browse..." button - not the text box that accompanies the FILE input. So the only way to get the text to become normal again is if after the user deletes the link - to click on the "browse..." again - which is no good.

Any help?