I've made a very basic script to place a "tooltip" over certain elements on a page when you move your mouse over them. Because of the style of this tooltip, it slightly overlaps with the object is pointing to. I run into a problem whenever the mouse is then placed on this "overlap" area--where both the original object and the new tooltip exist simultaneously.

In Internet Explorer, the onMouseOut event is fired and the tooltip disappears...which I guess is okay. In Firefox, however, it fires the onMouseOut event but then immediately fires the onMouseOver event, back and forth, back and forth, so the end result is a really annoying "flicker" until you move the mouse away completely. I'm wondering if any of you have any tips for avoiding this.

Here's a link to a basic demo of what's happening:

Just open it up in Firefox, put your mouse over the link, and then move it toward the bottom center of that link, where the arrow of the tooltip is pointing. You'll see what I mean.