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    PHP Update Query in a forloop

    Hi all

    I have some problem with my code there is no errors with my code its for a game swelect list for user whos logged in to display wat games they like

    what i have is a list menu which is called product[]

    In my Actual PHP Code

    PHP Code:
    $product || $User)
    //query to insert into cutomer
    foreach($product as $prod)
    $oQuery="update members set gamesplayed='".$prod."' WHERE username='".$_SESSION['user']."'";
    "<br/><br/>Error Cannot Set Games Played Because &nbsp;".mysqli_error($con);
    its only doing

    update members set gamesplayed='Starcraft:Orginal' WHERE
    update members set gamesplayed='Starcraft:Brood' WHERE username='Admin'
    update members set gamesplayed='Diablo2' WHERE username='Admin'
    update members set gamesplayed='Diablo2:Lod' WHERE username='Admin'
    update members set gamesplayed='Warcraft' WHERE username='Admin'

    When its meant to be game 1,game2,game3,game4 not when they select more than one

    in the database for the field gamesplayed is varchar of 255

    What am i doing wrong

    can anyone help?

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    it appears as though you want the gamesplayed column to end up with a comma-delimited list of game names, right?

    what you want is
    UPDATE members 
       SET gamesplayed =
             CONCAT_WS(', '    
               , gamesplayed
               , 'Starcraft:Orginal' 
               , 'Starcraft:Brood' 
               , 'Diablo2' 
               , 'Diablo2:Lod' 
               , 'Warcraft' )
     WHERE username = 'Admin'
    however, if you are going to do anything besides displaying the contents of this field, such as searching for a particular value within this field, then i urge you to redesign your table to conform to first normal form, which does not allow comma-delimited values | @rudydotca
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