Hello, I have a text file named content.txt and it has lines divided by a ~
like this:
text line 1
text line 2 and so on.
The following code as it is right now is only rotating between number 1 and 2. So the out put of this script is 1 one the first browser visit, and 2 on the next brower visit and then is starts over.
I need something that will also rotate my text lines I just listed above. Can someone please help me encorporate that into the following script? Thank you very much. The basics are there I just don't know how to finish it.

$maximum = 2;
$a = join ('', file ('content.txt'));
$c = split("~",$a);
$b = (isset($_COOKIE['e']) && intval($_COOKIE['e']) < $maximum)? intval($_COOKIE['e'])+1 : 1;
setcookie("e", $b, time()+60*60*24*30);
$include_file = "$b";
echo ($include_file);