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    What do U think.
    Do you think people really click on banners posted on webpages?
    I have been wondering this for a bit and done some talking with some people. The only thing everyone says is "I'll click it, if its interasting." Hmmmm, I don't think they do, well I don't unless a friend tells me to. See when I'm making webpages I tend to go around and see what works 'n see what don't. I always seem to come up to pages with banners, alot of banners I mean scroll up or down theres one at the top and middle then theres one a the end. Some people do a good job working with them, hinding them so its not the only thing U see. I still think that well maybe one on a site with 5 pages is ok but if people don't click then why waste the space?


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    Some banner ad programs pay you whether the ad is clicked on or not. They just pay a little more if it is clicked on.

    I happen to click on Banner ads quite frequently. Sometimes I will look at the site immediately but most of the time I bookmark it in a special favorites folder just for ad sites. Then once a week I go through the folder and review all the sites. Most get deleted but a few make it into my permanent favorites list. I have also made quite a few purchases from banner ads. The trick is to have your ads targetted to your visitors. If your site is on Rainforest protection that ad for the new Hunting Safari trip up the Amazon isn't going to go over to well.

    I look at the advertising model as similar to the ones on television. They show the ads but not necessarily everyone is watching them. Once in a while they make a hit and someone buys the new version of Tide. But getting people to buy is only one part of the equation. Getting people to remember who you are and what your selling is the greater part. Money isn't the ultimate in commercialism. Branding is the ultimate. With the proper branding then money will follow.

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    I'm getting tired, and I mean TIRED, of AllAdvantage and GoToWorld banners. On 10% of personal Websites, it goes something like this:
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">code/font><HR><pre>
    |AllAdv. Banner|
    Did you no that you could get paid2surf the internet ?!?!?
    Now u can !!!
    Just go2
    now and get paid for the stuf youve alwys been doin' !!

    You are the 27nd visitr !! THx4Visiting !!
    |Under Construction |
    |Banner (113k MPEG |
    |anim of live constr.|
    |site, streamed) |

    ________(horiz. rule)_______
    This page was last updated at 3:27 PM on 12/3/1998. Apache 1.1 running on port 80.

    All spelling mistakes intenchinal.

    And then they wait for the clicks to come rolling in...wait...wait...wait...where are they? I better go get my day job back...

    Think you're running the server "is 5" and an Asp is only a snake? Get with the times!
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