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    IŽm trying to use OutLook Stationary for promotion but in the tests some people revieve them just fine, and others just awful depending on the software they use.The mails in outlook 98 are okey, in outlook 97 are wrong
    Is there a way to solutionate this issue?. IŽll realy apreciate any help about it because it could be a real effective way to promote.


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    Make sure your stationary is made up of standard HTML. Don't try to send stationary with scrolling background images or midi music. This would be annoying from a Business. Heck its annoying in personal email. Make your stationary simple. A single background and setting font, size and color will be more effective than a full webpage production. You will need to ask people if they can receive HTML based email. Some can't like those using AOL or Pegasus Email. Don't send HTML to message lists either. You can add each of these people to your address book and mark them as only receiving email in plain text format so you don't have to try and remember. Those who don't get the stationary in Outloo97 probably have it stripped in their Exchange server to reduce load. Mark these people as plain text as well.

    I use stationary in Outlook 98 (which is much better for business than Outlook Express) and just use one of the simple backgrounds that came with the program. The most effective way of promoting your business in email is with the use of a signature file. You can use these regardless of platform, HTML ability or any other feature that might be missing on the other end.

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