I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I am collecting numbers from each input with the class name 'totalrow'. That part is fine, but now I want to take all the results from each 'totalrow' and combine it into one final result. The 'totalrow's are generated dynamically through PHP.

If I put alert(total[i]); after 'total[i] = + document.getElem...' it alerts each of the correct values.

In a nutshell: I want to get all values from the 'totalrows' classname and add them together to alert the final total.

Code JavaScript:
for (i=0;i<document.getElementsByTagName("input").length; i++) {
		var total = new Array();
		if(document.getElementsByTagName("input").item(i).className == "totalrow"){
		total[i] = + document.getElementsByTagName("input").item(i).value;

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!