I'd like to add a javascript validation to my password form to ensure that users are using special characters. I validate server side as well, but I'd like to add this on top of things.

So far I've found that using indexOf and looking for -1 if the specific character does not exist will allow me to alert the user if they have not used a specific special character. For instance:

if (Password.indexOf("@") == -1)
  {alert("The passwords you have selected do not contain the @ symbol.");
  myForm.buSubmit.disabled = false;
  myForm.buReset.disabled = false;
  return false}
However, what if I wanted to search to make sure that the string "Password" contained EITHER the @ symbol OR the # symbol? Either one would qualify the password and should return true, but the lack of either symbol should return false. I'm not sure what the correct syntax for ths OR feature would be.