I consider myself to be a pretty apt PHP programmer. I've not used it for a while though as I've been concentrating on learning RoR. I've been asked by my employers to write a plugin for Joomla but I honestly don't know how to go about it.

Does anyone know any decent tutorials about how to write plugins for joomla v1?

Here's what I'm after:

We have a couple of sections where we want people to be able to track whether something has been read or actioned rather like an email flagging system.

The requirement is for users to be able to individually flag whether an article in either the bulletins or memo section has been,

1. Read
2. Requires an action
3. Requires response to admin
4. Has been read or actioned
That's pretty much the spec I've been given. Anyone know if there's a plugin around to do this or any info on how I can do it myself. I don't really have time to try and decipher how all of this works myself as I'm already snowed under with work.