Hi all,
I would like to learn some javascript in order to understand the lines of code given below. The point is that I would like to add css into these lines of code, for example the output that is generated by value=" .("Select Column Layouts") . '">'; must be put in a span tag.

I tried some things but I simple do not understand anything of Javascript. So can anybody give me an advice for some books that will teach me Javascript, in particular combining it with css? Any suggestion is welcome.

1) lines of code creating the button
return '<input type="button" class="button" onclick="document.getElementById(\'' . $this->pager_name . '_widget\').style.display=\'block\'; location.href=\'#' . $this->pager_name . '_select_columns\';" value="' . _("Select Column Layouts") . '">';

2) how the button is presented to the user
<input type="button" class="button" onclick="document.getElementById('CompanyPager_widget').style.display='block'; location.href='#CompanyPager_select_columns';" value="Select Column Layouts">