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    why would you ever not use symfony

    i've been looking at symfony lately and it just seems great
    a great deal of automation in there to replace repetitive tasks

    why would you ever not use symfony?

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    If your app is fairly simple, it's a rather large framework to use. I think my SVN repository for a Symfony project is at about 20MB and 4,000 files. According to APC, only 491 files ever get executed, but that's still a fairly high number.

    It generally benchmarks poorly against other frameworks. It's not that it's not performant; heck, Yahoo! Bookmarks runs on it with 20 million users, and I'm putting pretty heavy usage on it myself. It's just they made a lot of design decisions that add overhead to simple requests (a "hello world" comparison), but when comparing frameworks using fairly complex apps that need a lot of layers of functionality, you end up performing as good or better on each request.

    I'm going to be using Symfony again in future projects.


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