I am creating a form in JavaScript. Why I am doing this is because the proprietary CMS I have to work in is not very friendly and I cannot just add the html therein, so I am attempting to circumvent the CMSs limitations with JavaScript.

Near the end of the part that actually creates the form, I have this:

var formElement3 = document.createElement('button');
formElement3.id = 'conversionButton';
formElement3.value = 'convert';
formElement3.name = 'submit';
formElement3.type = 'button';
formElement3Text = document.createTextNode('convert');
I create a button tag, add it's attributes, append it's text and then append it to the form, simple enough. This works perfect in Firefox, but IE6 throws me an error "Object doesn't support this action" on Line 116, which just so happens to be this line:

formElement3.type = 'button';
Now, I have tried both 'button' and 'submit' for that value and neither work and I cannot not define a value because that throws a different error later in the code. Any idea what might be going on?