This is lengthy, please stay with me.

I am developing a solution for a forwarding company to manage their trucks' routes. Working mechanism is you enter forwarding agencies and customers and then plan tours for them by adding packets to tours. Each packet coming into the warehouse is mandatory information such as forwarding company, customer to be delivered to etc.

Now, the real question. It's hard to remember packet numbers to add them to tours as there will be dozens of trucks leaving everyday with hundreds of packets. If you see the actual working below, I would like to know a quick AJAX solution that I can use for adding packets to the tours. I was thinking of a solution that in the item/package field at the tour, if you start entering forwarding agency's name, it lists all packets currently available by that forwarding agency and you can choose one. Something very close to composing message in Yahoo! Mail; when you start typing name of someone from address book, it lists all the relevant contacts matching the criteria quickly. I'll need to pass on the forwarding agency name to search in MySQL DB for relevant packets.

I will be thankful if someone can direct me to a solution or can provide one as I'm new to AJAX and will be trying it out first time. Something that can interact with MySQL DB.

If you want to see it yourself, you can do so here: with user: guest and pass: guest.

Thanks for your help!