I'm having a huge problem with an AJAX enabled events calendar I'm working on, but it's only in IE (6 and 7). Firefox works fine and so does Safari.

I'm using the Prototype library and a call to Ajax.Updater() to call a Coldfusion page which will generate the necessary table structure for the next month's calendar and events.

The next/prev arrows on either side of the month are img's wrapped in an <a> tag with an onclick handler registered on the window onload, and also reinitialized after the new HTML is populated in the div. I have no problems with the onclick handlers.

However, the img's are not showing up in IE when the HTML is updated in the div. I have verified that the src's of each img tag are correct and exist. You'll actually see a JS alert that is called on a timeout delay after the div is updated with the new HTML. I've even tried creating new img nodes via JS with different img files and replacing the img node in the div with these new img nodes and it doesn't not display either.

The strange thing is, you can still click on where the img should be, and the calendar works properly. This is boggling my mind.

I've read some articles and tried countless solutions about image caching in IE 6 but none of the solutions have worked.

Server: Windows 2003, IIS 6, Coldfusion 7

Can anyone offer any sort of reason/solution why the img's would show up?