My script is working well enough to suggest that my database tables are OK, so I think my questions pertain mainly to displaying the data with PHP.

Let's start with four tables that have information about people who have served as Governor and/or Mayor and/or corporate executives:

1. sm_ppl - This table lists every individual included in any of these tables, with four fields, as follows:

URL | Name_First | Name_Middle | Name_Last
Doug_Brown | Doug | Wayne | Brown
All the other tables have a field named URL, through which they can be joined to sm_ppl, followed by fields with additional information.

2. sm_ppl_gov - This table has information about state governors. If Doug Brown was a former governor, the information might look like this:

URL |Term_Began | Term_Ended | Party | Notes
Doug_Brown | 1972 | 1976 | Republican | Brown lowered taxes.
3. sm_ppl_mayor - This table has information about local mayors and is almost identical to sm_ppl_gov...

URL |Term_Began | Term_Ended | Party | Notes
Doug_Brown | 1964 | 1968 | Republican | Brown raised taxes.
4. sm_ppl_wrrs_assoc - This table has information on corporate executives...

URL |Org | Title | Year_Began | Year_Ended | Year_Mid
Doug_Brown | Costco | CEO | (NULL) | (NULL) | 1972
In the above example, I don't know what year his term began or ended, but I do know that he was CEO in 1972. (This is a fictitious example, by the way.)

The other table in the script below - sm_ppl_wrrs - is somewhat similar.

* * * * *

So, what I'm trying to do is pull all this information together to present a short biography on a dynamic page. If a visitor types MySite/People/Doug_Brown/ ($MyURL = Doug_Brown) into their browser, they should get information from all the tables that feature his name.

Below is my query, followed by some echo variables I created.

PHP Code:
$res mysql_query ("SELECT *
FROM sm_ppl SMP
LEFT JOIN sm_ppl_wrrs_assoc SMWA ON SMWA.URL = SMP.URL
$MyURL'") or die (mysql_error());

while (
$row mysql_fetch_array ($res))
$NameFirst $row['Name_First'];
$NameMiddle $row['Name_Middle'];
$NameLast $row['Name_Last'];
$Name2 ''.$NameFirst.' '.$NameLast.'';
$Name3 ''.$NameFirst.' '.$NameMiddle.' '.$NameLast.'';
$TermBegan $row['Term_Began'];
$TermEnded $row['Term_Ended'];
$Party $row['Party'];
$Notes $row['Notes'];
$URL $row['URL'];
$Class $row['Class'];

// The following PHP switch worked fine when my query only cited tables sm_ppl and sm_ppl_gov...

 case 'Elisha_Ferry':
 echo '<p class="pfirst">'.$Name3.' ('.$Party.') is a former Governor of Washington '.$Notes.' (1872-1880 & 1889-1893).';
 case 'John_Rogers':
 echo '<p class="pfirst">'.$Name3.' (Democrat, Populist) is a former Governor of Washington '.$Notes.' ('.$TermBegan.'-'.$TermEnded.').';
 case 'Arthur_Langlie':
 echo '<p class="pfirst">'.$Name3.' ('.$Party.') is a former Governor of Washington '.$Notes.' (1941-1945 & 1949-1957).';
 echo '<p class="pfirst">'.$Name3.' ('.$Party.') is a former Governor of Washington '.$Notes.' ('.$TermBegan.'-'.$TermEnded.').';

// Now that my query cites five tables, none of the echo statements below display anything except $Name3 and $Class (from table sm_ppl_wrrs)...

echo $Name3;
'<br />';
'<br />';
'<br />';
'<br />';
'<br />';
'<br />';

So this is my first question:

1. Do you see any obvious problem with my query that's preventing the other data from displaying?

Here are some other things I'm trying to figure out:

2. Do I need to modify my query so that I can distinguish between fields with identical names, like sm_ppl_gov.Term_Began and sm_ppl_mayor.Term_Began? If so, how do I do that?

3. Suppose a person is featured in two tables: Governors and Corporate Executives. How can I insert the words "Governor" and "CEO," or whatever title they had, in the appropriate places, so my display looks like this...

1986-1990 (Republican)
CEO: 1992-1993
Oyster Software, Inc.
Chairman of the Board: 1994-1996
I've done similar things before, but my brain isn't clicking right now. Thanks!