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    Question Remote site form

    I'm clueless on this one and I hope someone can alleviate my plight before I break something
    I have a php script that is attempting to pass a value to the keyword search box of the site below:

    However, the values just don't work and I get transported to this site:

    There is javascript code that would appear to interpret the input box search value and code it appropriately. I have tried lots of things but I just cannot seem to pass a simple name like Torbay into the search field so that I can get the necessary results.

    If I type Torbay into the search box and hit the enter key, I get what I want. Point is that I want to do it from my own site where I pass the name I'm searching for automatically and I automatically get the search info - I hope all of this is making sense Any asistance would be great. Thanks

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    I would not do this without getting permission from the site owner/webmaster first.

    Having said that, I would try loading the file into a frameset or an IFrame. In order to do what you want to do, you need control of the DOM for that website. I think you could access it if the file was loaded in one of those. After that:

    frameID.formID.textBoxID.value = <?=$yourPHPvariable ?>


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