Hi, i do not wish to moan, but i am trying to learn Javascript. I want to create a form that has several restrictions in it, i am somewhat lost in the process and after reading text book after text book as well as searching online tutorials and guides, i have reached a dead end.

I am comfortable with enabling 1 restriction in the form, but if i attempt to build on it with multiple restrictions in the code, they cancel each other out.

Here is the code in question

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<script language="Javascript" languge="text/javascript">

function form1_onsubmit()
var returnValue = false;

// Here is the code for the form actions. I have been unable to add the restrictions to it.

// I would like the text name value to be set as "not blank" - so that the text field can't be skipped or left blank.

if (document.form1.txtName.Value == "")
alert("Please enter your name");
// I have tried to get this code so that it only accepts numbers.
else if (document.form1.txtCode.value == "")
alert("Please enter your Post Code);
// This is another field i have attempted to make so that it can't be submitted without data entered.
else if (document.form1.txtaSuggestion.value == "")
alert("Please enter your suggestion");

returnValue = true;
return returnValue;

<form action ="RecieveComplexForm.asp"
onsubmit="return form1_onsubmit{}">
<p>Name : <input name=txtName></p>
<p>Post Code : <input name=txtCode></p>
Gender : <br />
Female <input type="radio" checked name="radGender" Value="Female">
Male <input type="radio" Name="radGender" Value="Male">
<br /> <br />
Your Age Range
<select name="selAgeRange" size="1">
<Option Value=0_18 Selected>Under 18 </option>
<Option Value=19_40> 19 - 40 </option>
<Option Value=41_70> 41 - 70 </option>
<Option Value=70+>70+</option>
<br /><br />
Tick if you want a response
<input name="chkResponse" Type="checkbox" Value="SendResponse">
<br /><br />
Your Suggestion <br />
<textarea cols=20 rows=10 name=txtaSuggestion wrap=hard></textarea>
<br /><br />
<Input name=submit1 Type=submit Value="Send Suggestion">
I am poor in regards to commenting the code, i know i am supposed to say what it does. But it is a bit hard when it doesn't do it + i am not even sure if this code is accurate.

Thanks in advance.